magazine & anthology cover gallery

Helion Magazine Print Edition 3-4 2022.jpg
Shallow Water Vol. 4, Crystal Lake Publishing
Night Light anthology, Midnight Street Press.
More Bizarro Than Bizarro anthology, Arsenal Pulp Press/Journalstone
The Beauty Of Death anthology, Independent Legions Publishing, 2016.
Slattery's Art of Horror Magazine 2_edit
Jitter #5
Strange Days anthology, Midnight Street Press, 2020.
Midnight Street Magazine, Season 2, Issue 2, Midnight Street Press.
Ghost Highway anthology, Midnight Street Press, 2016.
Shotgun Honey, Down&Out Books
Hellfire Crossroads Volume 5, Midnight Street Press, 2015.
UnProm, Issue #1. Forest Glade Press, June 2014.
Chrome Baby 2_edited.jpg
From Out of the Dark anthology, Altair Australia Publishing, 2014.
Shotgun Honey, Down&Out Books, 2014.
Back to Frank Black, Fourth Horseman Press, 2012.
Revelation 4:2, Fourth Horseman Press, 2012.
Structo - Issue 6 cover artwork.jpg
Sex and Murder Magazine, Issue 20, 2011.
Sex and Murder, issue 17, 2011.
Rotten Leaves Magazine, July 2011
The Medulla Review, Volume 2, Issue #2, 2011.
Heroes and Heretics: A Pulp Empire anthology, 2011.
Writings on the Wall anthology, Seven Archons Press, 2011.
Terminal Earth anthology, Pound Lit Press, 2010.
Blind Swimmer anthology - Eibonvale Press, 2010
Columbia & Britannia: An Alternate History, Hardcover edition, Fourth Horseman Press, 2009.
Columbia & Britannia: An Alternate History, Fourth Horseman Press, Trade paperback edition, 2009.
Inscape 2009.
Euphony Journal, Spring 2009
Underground Voices, Vol. 3, 2008
Way Out West anthology, Fourth Horseman Press, 2009.
Unparalleled Journeys II, Journey Books, 2007.
Revelation 4:1, Fourth Horseman Press, 2007.
Revelation Volume III, Fourth Horseman Press, 2006.
Windsor Review, Volume 38, Issue 2, 2006
Revelation 3:4, Fourth Horseman Press, 2006.
Revelation 3:3, Fourth Horseman Press, 2006.
Dead Men and Women Walking anthology, Bards & Sages 2006/
Jupiter Magazine Issue XI: Carme
Amazing Journeys anthology, Journey Books, 2006
Simulacrum Magazine Issue 12, 2006
Revelation Volume II, Fourth Horseman Press, 2005.
Revelation 2:3, Fourth Horseman Press, 2005.
Rose & Thorn Literary Magazine, December 2005
Revelation 2:2, Fourth Horseman Press, 2004.
FreeFall Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 1, 2004
Revelation 2:1, Fourth Horseman Press, 2004.
Front & Centre #2 cover artwork.jpg
Windsor Salt anthology, Common Ground Editions, 1998.

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