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New book release!

The Long Dirty Night Trilogy

Novella trilogy. Limited edition hardcover. Forthcoming 2022. Somniatis Press.

New foreign language novelette publication!

"Journey to the End of a Burning Girl"

Novelette, published in Helion #132. Romanian translation by Adrian Bancu. Cover artwork by Adrian Chifu. July 2022.



New book release!

These Long Teeth of the Night: The Best Short Stories 1999-2019


Compendium of short fiction spanning the 20-year period 1999-2019, including works selected from each of the author’s full-length collections and chapbooks, as well as fiction published only in magazines and anthologies. Also includes one brand new story, and introductory notes by the author to each of the stories. Book introduction written by Brian A. Dixon. Hardcover and trade paperback. Forthcoming 2022. Fourth Horseman Press.

































New foreign language book release!

Animals of the Exodus (German Edition)


Expanded edition featuring 2 stories not in the original English language edition, one of which— “Peter in the Dance of the Manticores” —is exclusive to this book. Brand new cover artwork by Tobias Reckerman. Hardcover and trade paperback. Forthcoming 2022. WhiteTrain/NightTrain Books.





























New book release!


Bugs from the Black Box!


Brand new short story mini-collection chapbook. Includes 5 stories, one of which is forthcoming in a brand new full-length collection, and 4 previously unpublished. Hardcover and trade paperback. Forthcoming 2021, Foxhill Press.

Animals of the Exodus - German Edition
Bugs from the Black Box! Foxhill Press, 2021.
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